Wednesday, July 2

All American

Mike and Gretchen with their family in front of that famous palace in Kensington. They arrived at the same time as us and kids same age; they returned to the US one year ago. Transition behind them, they now holiday in London and we picnic in Hyde Park.

Everybody a-twitter about Andy Murray's today match against Spaniard Nadal, who bids to be the third man to win the French Open and Wimbledon in the same year. Murray has exploded onto the seen and a country places its high-hopes upon his shoulders. No one can remember the last time a Brit won the thing and Tim Henman, a world Top Ten, let us down every year he played. Fans over-night on the grounds in an apparently festive scene with BBQs, tents and cheer (as reported by Radio 4). Also on Radio 4 this morning - in one of the more enjoyable interviews I've heard - is the Jelly Competition as part of the London Festival of Architecture, which is on until 20 July. The idea, Dear Reader, is to connect architecture and food which one interviewee notes "began with pastry." Amen.