Wednesday, March 25

Kaleidoscope - Shard

The Shard
Sonnet and I join "Kaleidoscope", the Contemporary Art Society's annual fundraising auction at 1 Billings Gate in a marvellous converted space big enough to host the contemporaries and seat 200 people (our friend Veronique is on the Board). Outside : the Thames and the Shard.

How different a place London has become since I worked in The City and jogged along the riverside through 1950s and 60s concrete. Those ancient post-war relics are gone in a heartbeat to make way for the new and modern, steel and glass.

Kaleidoscope's dress code is "colour in motion" which neither I nor Sonnet consider until the day before so I buy a purple and pink paisley tie from Harvey Nics. For the men, I've done more than most. The women arrive in leopard skin or print, lace leggings and yellow shoes. Pink-dyed mink. Sonnet goes with blue and patterns.

I dine next to Louise Wilson, a British artist nominated for the Turner Price in 1999 for her work in video, film and photography.

Eitan prepares himself in the morning.
Me: "What are you up to today?"
Eitan: "I don't know, usual stuff."
Me: "It's a bit difficult being 14, isn't it?"
Eitan: "I guess."
Me: "Having to talk to adults and not really knowing what to say. Feeling something is expected of you."
Eitan: "Yeah."
Me: "I remember that time. But then you get your own stories."
Me: "And you will have plenty."