Sunday, March 1


Despite the weekend inertia, I convince (coerce ?) Eitan to join me at the Courtauld Gallery to see Goya: The Witches and Old Women Album . And it is wonderful.

Goya produced some 600 drawings which ended up in eight “albums.” After his death, the albums were disbound and their sheets dispersed. Some have ended up in public collections, others in private collections, and a few have disappeared altogether.

The exhibition assembles all 23 drawings from “Witches and Old Women” (bar one, which is lost) and runs them in their original sequence around the gallery walls. It’s the first time that a full Goya album has been exhibited. Even Eitan entranced.

It's disturbing as hell, to. Goya produced the drawings during a period of convalescence shortly following a near-death illness. Take 'Wicked Woman' depicting an ancient hag about to devour a baby child. In Madness, an old fool appears behind the bars of a prison-like enclosure, pleading at us, seemingly for his freedom. Stuff of nightmares.