Wednesday, February 18


Photos from Sonnet and Madeleine's trip to Portland are coming in - these are from my cousin David, where our gals stay during their visit.  They are visited by Moe, Sloan and Mary and other local and far away friends who lend their love and support of Sonnet.

From Oregon, Madeleine and Moe head for the Bay Area to join Gracie, Maggie and the cat Sweetie Pie in Berkeley while Sonnet in Los Angeles meeting with museum directors.

Sonnet, I am told by someone not Sonnet, forgets her opening-evening gown and has an afternoon find a loaner from a friend.

Her exhibition goes off with a bang! as the opening dinner draws Portland's Good and The Great. Over 400  guests- "as big as London", she notes.

The following day Sonnet presents to 500 people on the  exhibition's opening day, giving "the back story on Italian fashion" Madeleine now says. "It went amazing. And people were lining up to get her autograph."
Grandfather, granddaughter