Thursday, February 12


Noontime, Piccadilly Circus
It' is cold and grey in London. Yep, February. And March. And April . . . The British cheer themselves up with red buses, red poste boxes and red phone booths. I like this about Britain.

I spend the afternoon at Oxford with Willem who, as we know, runs The Oxford Mindfulness Center "that works with partners around the world to prevent depression and enhance human potential through the therapeutic use of mindfulness."  Think meditation meets mind control.

Mindfulness is getting a lot of attention these days too.  The UK, for instance, wrote 47m prescriptions for anti-depressant drugs in 2011 - as popular as M&Ms.  OMC research shows that mindfulness reduces the recurrence rate of of depression by 50% over 12 months in patients with three or more previous episodes of depressions. In other words, mindfulness is as effective as the drugs without the side effects. 

It is all very Northern Californian ish.