Thursday, July 31

Stan Stan

Stan hosts a party with some wonderful friends and neighbors, many who knew Silver, who was there in spirit.

We joke about whose party bigger. I am certain not one person today could name a single song at Madeleine's disco.

Stan: Maybe Bill will tell you about being in the Lubbock high school quire ?” [Dad's note: Bill is Stan's younger brother]
Bill: “Well, there was this fellow that stood in front of me and I looked down on him for three reasons.”Me:
Bill: “One, he was a lower classman. Two: He was a second tenor and I was a first tenor and, finally, he stood on the riser below me. His name was Buddy Holly.”
Me: “Did he leave any impressions on you ?”
Bill: “It took Boom Bracker, another classmate, now an orthopedic surgeon, to remind me that Buddy and I sang in the same quire together. We had to check the yearbook. Buddy was 15 when I knew him, and died when he was 22 or 23 along with the Big Bopper in a private plane.”
Bill: "His life's work was too short."