Wednesday, July 23

On The Road Again

7AM, up and at 'em
We detour off Route 15 to bike into Provo Canyon (Provo home of Utah Valley University) which offers vertical granite walls and one spectacular waterfall. Our bike trail meanders alongside a brook filled with trout which can be seen from the trail.

Our attractive and young morning waitress (Eitan has buckwheat pancakes with blueberry syrup which brings to mind the marvelously racist “Sambo’s” chain which once served five syrup flavors before the restaurant hidden away forever) tells us the Big Rodeo, which the locals are gunning for,  is in Las Vegas. She notes that the cattle roping, which took 5+ seconds last night (front and hind quarters on a fast moving animal), is done in 2.3 seconds in Vegas. She grew up in Fairview, and did one year of university at Utah Valley. 

Madeleine: “If you were going to name me something other than Madeleine, Ava or Hannah, what would it be?” [Dad’s note: Madeleine named after Madeleine Vionnet]
Me: “I like Abby or Ada. We do have an ancient European Jewish last name afterall."
Madeleine: “Yeah.”
Me: “I noticed you now introduce yourself as ‘Maddy’. Is this what you are going by  these days?"
Madeleine: “Only outside our family.”
Me: “Maddy Orenstein. I like it.”