Thursday, July 31

Bud Smith

Bud works at a local artifacts and outdoor antiques shop outside Montrose where one can buy ancient tools or iron lawn art to old cars - Bud tells me that just yesterday a middle-aged Brit (two kids in line) took four 1950s vintage cars, including an Oldsmobile and Ford Fairlane, off him, to be shipped to London via L.A. "Paid a pretty penny for them, too." This is what Tom Cruise did in Rain Man, only those were Ferrari 400s.

Bud from Western Kansas and not entirely down on his luck but keeping it together.  A divorce along the way did not help. He used to work a second job at the Montrose Town Hall bar, but notes that the young people today too rowdy or violent so he quit. On Montrose, where he has been for 20 years, "I just like it here."

Lead cover story, Montrose Daily Press: "Partners Hold Annual Pistol Shoot. It's time to lock and load for the third annual Partners Benefit Pistol Shoot coming up next weekend."