Tuesday, July 1

6th and Waverly

Waverly Diner
Katie and I have dinner at Raoul's in SoHo and I am reminded of Christmas Eve, 1996, when Sonnet, Christian, Sarah and I dined here on a magical night when the city otherwise shutdown tight but for a few revellers, loners and outcasts.  

Afterwards I cut across Greenwich Village and visit some ancient haunts nearby my first Manhattan flat, 373 6th Ave, 1989-90.  I passed the Waverly every day on my way to the 6th Ave Subway to catch the No. 1 train to Midtown.

The area hasn't changed much, either, nor should it : busy, gay and in love with itself.

"Get up close and intimate with lions, leopards and elephants - while feeling totally safe and pampered."
--Elevator posting at the Four Seasons for the Four Seasons Safari Lodge