Monday, April 29

Nail Biter

Dog fight

The Surrey Cup Final a thriller.  The All Stars outplayed and outclassed in the first half, where the ball mostly stays on our side of the pitch.  Alphie the goalie makes two leaping saves that, by rights, should have put Elm Grove out of the match.  Somehow it is nil-nil at the break.

But disaster: In the first several moments of the second half KPR hit a perfect cross finding a willing boot to open net, 1-nil.  The rest of the game on tenterhooks and we wonder : will the equiliser arrive? And it does, with moments to spare, in regular time.  Jubilation !

Extra time begins and Jack and Eitan go to work in a brutal physical display of football that leaves KPR's forwards shaking their fists and looking towards the referee, who fails to oblige them.  PKs a menacing possibility. But then - one minute left -  Elm Grove awarded a penalty from 20 meters out. Rob (last year's team player) hits a perfect bender, top of the goal box, and Elm Grove are Surrey Cup champs for the first time in club history. Bravo !

Victory well deserved