Wednesday, March 27

My Crew

On the way to Passover

We are with the Clarks for Passover (Michael accepted to the Naval Academy); they are on the Upper Mall, mentioned in the first paragraph of Thackeray's 'Vanity Fair', overlooking the river, St Paul's boys school and the Hammersmith Bridge in the near distance. As per always, their friends interesting : the couple from Shoreditch via the East Village and LA where she invests in social enterprise and a Catto Fellow (having made a bundle selling her e-learning company IEC) and he a visual effects artist in the feature film world. The academics from New Zealand via Cambridge, MA, and the Hebrew school teacher who wows us with Moses.

Eitan impresses us all, quoting God (impersonating a burning bush): "I am who I am."

Via twitter.
Madeleine: "Do you want me to get you anything from the highstreet, like a snickers bar or toblerone?"
Me: "No thx but thank you for asking. Whatcha up to today?"
Madeleine: "Reading [Twilight], walking Rusty and thank you cards [for Passover]. When are you home?"
Me: "Ok, sounds like a good day. Home at 6 or so."
Madeleine, later: "Finished book. 459 pages in three days. 8-) "
Me: "You rock. How were the vampires?"
Madeleine: "Predictable."