Saturday, March 9

Master Chef

We end the week with Simon and Sabi and Ligia and Alberto, from Lisbon, who spent several years in Kansas City running a business for GE (Ligia heads GE"s European private equity business).  Alberto and I compare notes on Modine's, a bbq joint on the town's edge which Sonnet and I know from our drive across the USA in '97.  The restaurant in a house hollowed out for the grill manned by two giant sweaty black men who poke the shredded meat then served on a paper plate and piece of Wonder Bread.

This week began in the Nordics and Sonnet in Italy; we attend the V and A opening for "The Treasures of the Royal Courts" (wonderful, covering Henry VIII and Elizabeth I to Ivan the Terrible and the early Romanovs and 500 years of exchange between Britain and Russia).  Sonnet out with Natalie  Thursday and tonight we at a 'Ho down' for the Hampton School. Tomorrow I am to Paris.

Madeleine and I (from the comfort of the living room couch) watch the age-group inter-counties cross country championships in the mud and damp.  Puff puff puff.