Tuesday, March 19

College Pro Painters

Barrington, RI, 1987

My most responsibility, up to age 19 or 20, was the Rhode Island franchise of College Pro Painters where, following a weekend of training, I, and my fellow managers, were released upon an unsuspecting home-owing public.

CPP taught us how to do things like make cold calls and do job estimates but, really, it was swim as swim can.  I proved to be adept at signing customers and, with a full school load, lined up a bunch of houses before final exams and 'the production season.'

From there it was one calamity to the next : Spilled paint on front lawns . ..car break-downs . .over-budgets .. . a police warrant. Usual stuff. I had ten painters+$7,000 of equipment on credit. My pager administered a punishing blow at every notification.  The summer did, finally, end with a profit (ca. $10 grand) and 20 ladders stored in the basement of an unknowing building. I was relieved when it was over.

The following summer (my Jr year), with Chas and Eric returning and a crew of 30, I  painted 52 properties in ten weeks producing nearly $200K of turnover and was "Manager Of The Year."