Friday, March 1


After school, before swimming

Yep - Friday.

The EU announces a bonus cap on bankers at €1 million which is like chump change to a Master of the Universe. Further, it is not clear if employees of British banks stationed abroad are on the cap. Without question it will play into the hands of London's overseas rivals while undermining support in Britain for the EU.

"This is possibly the most deluded measure to come from Europe since Diocletian tried to fix the price of groceries across the Roman empire." 
--Boris Johnson compares the EU to Roman emperor Diocletian who introduced an cap on food prices across the Roman empire in AD 301.

Eitan: "We got free cheese on toast at school today."
Eitan: "Because it's Saints David's Day, I think."
Me: "What's that?"
Eitan: "I don't know."

Sonnet: "Madeleine put your book away and join us. We are having dinner."
Madeleine: "What about Eitan? He is watching TV."
Sonnet: "But he is not having dinner."
Madeleine: "Well he should have to join us."
Me: "Do you really want your brother at the dinner table?"
Madeleine: "No!"
Madeleine: "I am just saying."