Sunday, January 20


Moab, Utah

As for today's snow fall, well, the old timers tell me about the winter of '62-63 , the second coldest on record, after 1683-84. Everything froze solid: canals, lakes and rivers, including the Thames. The Big Freeze, as it became known, went until March with the worst in January : pipes burst, schools shut (no plumbing) and neighborhood water trucks supplied potable water (their faucets frozen tight); the electricity grid down and gas supplies insufficient for demand.  Waterways and commerce came to a grinding halt. Snow drifts 20 feet. No doubt tomorrow's commuters will suffer their fate at 15 cm.

Madeleine has a sleep-over with Marcus'  and the intrepids spend the morning fending off abuse from Marcus's older brothers who stuff snow down his shirt and generally pummel the poor dears.  Eitan teams us with Cyrus to romp in the snow at Palewell Park.