Friday, January 25


The Church of St. Leodega (completed 1639)

Friday, Friday, Friday.  Madeleine and I catch the bus, 6:50AM, to her school and I attire myself in running lycra to make good use of the return journey.  Unfortunately this includes about two miles via Wandsworth and grinding morning traffic and exhaust fumes; I seek relief on the Thames path and enjoy the last four miles in peace - a different world.

Madeleine and I always go for the upper deck (Silver's favorite).  This morning a young couple join the front row - he in a track suit+trainers;  she, perky and made up. My guess, : early 20s and first relationship. They are comfortable with each other, despite the hour : he makes silly statements and she provides comfort support.  It is this way the world round.

Me: "Why do kids hate museums?"
Madeleine: "I don't hate museums. I just don't like some of them."
Me: "Which ones do you like?"
Madeleine: "The V and A."
Me: "I hope so."
Madeleine:  "I like paintings with lots of color. Like David Hockney."
Sonnet: "Excellent."
Madeleine: "I don't like old fashioned paintings that are kind of dark and faded."
Sonnet: "Well, Madeleine, what will probably happen .. ."
Madeleine: "I know, I know - my tastes will change."
Sonnet: "Yes, they will."