Wednesday, January 30

Go, Man, Go

Richmond Park near the Ballet School, 2005

I make the blunder of suggesting a running date for Eitan with Zeno, the kid who won the borough x country championships and a footballer in the Surrey League who Eitan sees from time to time (Zeno's mom and I in a communication over a photo I took of the boys racing).  Eitan aghast : "Dad! I cannot believe you did that." I recognise immediately my mistake having been in 7th grade once myself. The two will pair off tomorrow in the Middlesex cross country finals. 

For the first time, last year, the number of world tourists surpassed one billion (says the OMT).  By 2030, it may be 1.8 B.  Europe is the most popular destination ttracting 537 million guests in 2012.  We are One Big Museum.