Tuesday, November 6


Obama by Terry Richardson

Remarkably the elections down to a razor's edge.  Europeans don't understand it but my sister explains: Americans own their individualism which is more Romney than Obama.  Nobody wants to be associated with a handout.  Owning a gun enters the equation, as does gay marriage and Wall Street. Religion, too, but weirdly there has been no exposee on Mormonism which would not be so if the Republican a Jew or Catholic.  As Bill Clinton notes, it also about the arithmetic - Romney lies about balancing the budget while cutting taxes and increasing military spending and etc.  Trickle down hasn't worked since Harding and it didn't work very well then, either.

Ever since I started wearing cufflinks 15 years ago, it is 50:50 that I get the outside cuff link correct, which means taking off my shirt and re-threading the damn thing (usually when running late).  But now it strikes me : match the forearm button to the outer button and, voila, problem solved.