Wednesday, November 21


Women smokes outside the National Portrait Gallery

I am across London for meetings and find time to see the Flowers.  My afternoon ends with Jan at Dukes, always a dangerous thing, but we keep it to one martini.  Probably the right number.  

Walking to the 337:
Madeleine: "There is a candy store, Lundi's, where all the kids go to get their treats after school."
Me: "Oh?"
Madeleine: "They have everything, too."
Me: "I bet. What are your favourites?"
Madeleine: "Yesterday, Peter gave us these sour candies that almost made me cry. But nobody could spit them out."
Me: "Yeah, I hate that.  Do you know who Reggie Jackson is?"
Madeleine: "Who?"
Me: "Reggie Jackson. He was a baseball player who hit three home-runs in one game of the '77 World Series.  At one point he was as famous as David Beckham."
Madeleine: "Or Michael Jackson."
Me: "Exactly.  Any ways, when I was a kid, there was a "Reggie Bar" which was, like, caramel, nuts and chocolate. It was so good."
Madeleine: "Was that your favourite?"
Me: "One of them. I also loved the 'Marathon Bar'. They said it was so slow you would miss saving the girl from the train because you were eating it."
Madeleine: "Whoa. I also like Starbursts and gummies.  Didn't you have 'Now-and-Laters'? Weren't they sour?"
Me: "Kind of, depends which one.  And 'Bubble Yum,' in cherry or grape or regular flavor.  Some kids chose 'Bubblelicious'.  Half the kids chewed 'Bubble Yum' and other half 'Bubblelicious'.  Like Coke v Pepsi.  We were like "Ohhhh you chew Bubblelicous. You think you're so cooool."
Me: "Fights would break out over this stuff."
Madeleine: "You sure like candy, Dad."