Saturday, October 13

Bushy Deer

Bushy Park settled for (at least) 4,000 years : the earliest archaeological records date to the Bronze Age. There is also evidence that the area used in the medieval period for agriculture.  When Henry VIII took over Hampton Court Palace from Cardinal Thomas Wolsey in 1529, it came with Bushy. He stocked it with deer so he could hunt 'em.

The old bucks groan (NB A buck grunts to express dominance, to threaten another deer and as a means of locating other deer. A soft or low grunt is used by both bucks and does as a first act of aggression. When a dominant deer uses the soft grunt and the less dominant deer does not move, the dominant deer will either charge or hit the less dominant deer with a fore leg. Rusty has come to know this). I can hear them in Richmond Park from our bedroom.

Me, over lunch: "So, Madeleine, how would you rank my parenting on a scale of one to ten?"
Madeleine: "Is this a trick question or something?"
Me: "No, how are we doing?"
Madeleine: "I don't know. Nine maybe. Eight and a half ?"
Me: "That's what I thought. You guys are having it too easy."
Eitan: "Madeleine, quick, say five or four or something."
Me: "Time for more work for you kids - Madeleine, you can start by cleaning off the table."
Madeleine: "Five wouldn't be a lie would it Dad?"