Sunday, July 29

Red White And Blue

We have an exhilarating day at the Olympics Park watching a morning of swimming including Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin, Rebecca Adlington and Liam Hancock.  The stadium, which we are familiar with from the British trials, a jewel and today it is rocking : British medals a distinct possibility and several swimmers already known from Beijing, including crowd favourite Adlington.

After the swimming we anticipate a picnic with Maddie's family. Maddie a swimmer for Wandsworth who will join Madeleine at hill form in September. She is a sweet kid. Unfortunately thunder storms drive us in to Westfield Mall built outside the Olympics grounds to draw the post-games traffic and boy does it heave.  Prada, Dolce And Gabbana, Apple, , Top Shop .. . River Island, Abercrombie & Fitch (which I check out and am humiliated by the half-nude male modles), Armani, Valentino.. .it's all here.

Eventually the rain relaxes and we return to Stratford Underground then four stops to Lizzy and Ferdi's in Islington for an afternoon coffee and cake. Ferdi once responsible for risk management at Unicredit Bank in Italy but I think that was too depressing so now he does something else at the bank. His basic notion is that Europe is toast . In his spare time he has developed elaborate programs to lock in sports trades . £20 here, £50 there..  every little counts.

Madeleine: "Can I get a pretzel?"
Sonnet: "No, you haven't had lunch."
Madeleine: "I don't want a bagel though. I just want a pretzel. Please. Please?"
Me: "For Pete's sake go get a pretzel."
Sonnet: "You like to do that don't you ?"
Me: "What?"
Sonnet: "Undermine my authority."
Me: "Yeah, I'm sorry."
Madeleine: "So I can't have a pretzel?"
Me: "Ask your mother."
Madeleine: "But I ate half the bagel."
Sonnet: "OK, Okay, you can have a pretzel."

Eitan: "Where are mom and Madeleine ?"
Me: "Over there. Getting a pretzel?"
Eitan: "What?! I get one too!"
Me: "Sorry Madeleine did all the work on that one."
Eitan: "That is so unfair."
Sonnet gives Eitan a pretzel.