Monday, June 4


Phil prepares for England v Belgium. He has a genuine wit and unafraid to walk the villa in his pants - not something I would otherwise wish to see in the morning. His son Alphie a crack goalie who has saved many a game for Elm Grove; Phil runs up-and-down the pitch barefoot calling 'offsides' as needed. He was London police for 30 years - now retired - and we compare thoughts on various neighbourhoods. 

Phil tells me the worst on his beat was Brixton, where he was during the '81 riots : Following weeks of smouldering tensions, April 11 erupted in violence (dubbed "Bloody Saturday")  resulting in 280 injuries to police and 45 injuries to the public while over a hundred vehicles burned, including 56 police cars; and almost 150 buildings damaged, with thirty torched. Maybe 5,000 people involved leading to 82 arrests.  Mean streets.  Queue Margaret Thatcher.