Sunday, May 20

UEFA Trophy

Chelsea, improbably, remarkably, win the UEFA Champions League, defeating Bayern Munich, making Chelsea the best club team in Europe (Interim manager Roberto Di Matteo holds the Cup, snapped from the TV). The game a tense back-and forth until Bayern sinks one at 82 minutes. It looks over but Chelsea's Didier Drogba sling-shots a dramatic 88th minute header and the game enters extra time tied, 1-1. Eitan notes (already past his bedtime): "It's going to be a late night." 

Neither team can capitalise on the 30 minutes of overage and so. ..  to penalty kicks, which has left England bereft on so many occasions. Five strikers selected from each team; the winner takes all. Chelsea misses the first PK and Munich hits their first three. But then Bayern misses and it comes down to the very last shot : Drogba , of course, who - without a moment's pause nor doubt - slams it home. Joy! As Chelsea race on to the pitch. Sorrow, as the Germans collapse in tears, stunned.

Eitan and I pump our fists and jump up and down : A victory for Chelsea is a win for England.  Now to the European Cup and summer Olympics.

Eitan: "Can I watch a bit of Sunday morning cartoons?"
Me: "No."
Eitan: "Why not? I hardly ever watch any TV."
Me: "You watched football all day yeterday."
Eitan: "Yeah, but that doesn't count."
Me: "Oh? Football isn't on TV is it?"
Eitan: "But it's not the bad kind of TV.  It's not bad for your brain or anything."
Me: "The answer is still no."
Eitan: "Give me one good reason then."
Me: "Because I said so."
Eitan: "That's not a reason."
Me: "It is the only reason that counts."
Eitan: "So I can't watch cartoons then?"

Madeleine: "What are you going to get mum for her birthday?"
Me: "Nothing."
Madeleine: "What? Really? She's your wife, Dad."
Me: "I just don't like to make a big deal of these things, that's all."
Madeleine: "She is your own wife, Dad."