Wednesday, May 9

The Coach

David coaches the Sheen Lions.

Driving to football practice.
Me: "So, Jack, does your dad embarrass you?"
Jack: "Yeah, I guess so."
Me: "Like what does he do?"
Jack: "I don't know. He talks all the time and stuff."
Me: "That doesn't sound too bad."
Eitan: "He doesn't wear his swimming suit to drive us to football."
Me: "It's because I couldn't find my running shorts.  So who is the coolest dad?"
Eitan: "David."
Me: "Why's that?"
Eitan: "Um, he's witty."
Me: "I'm witty. I just made a wit an hour ago."
Eitan: "And he doesn't, like, sing in front of Joe's friends."
Me: "Fair enough."
Jack: "He's a football coach too."
Eitan: "Can you keep Rusty on the lead during football practise? It's kind of distracting when he runs after the trains."
Me: "I'm not putting the dog on a lead in a park."
Eitan: "Well can you at least go on a really long run then?"