Sunday, April 22

Mini Marathon

Eitan competes the "Virgin Mini London Marathon" , which covers the last three miles of the London Marathon including the finish gate on the Pall Mall , 200 meters from Buckingham Palace.  It is wonderfully organised with Marshalls , volunteers and bobbies everywhere : this is a warm up for the summer games.

The "Mini" split by sex and age-group 11-12, 13-14 and 15 to 16.  Each London borough puts up a team of eight per category; Eitan qualified this winter and the youngest from Richmond-Upon-Thames.  He is pretty nervous, too, as some of the boys are, well, p-r-ett-y serious.  Mo Farah a previous winner.  The boys elbow and bruise each other (Eitan tells me) for pole position. My photo taken around mile-2 and the lad suffers. His unofficial time is18:40.

(Dad's note: Mary Keitany wins today's marathon in 2:18:45 and Wilson Kipsang in 2:04.44 or 4:45 miling. Both Kenyans)