Wednesday, April 25

Fermentation Vessel

The Stag Brewery, Mortlake, (pictured, steel fermentation vessels - I am smaller than the red brick wall) , now owned by Anhauser Busch, which produces 2 million hectolitres of Bud a year , exported to 37 countries excluding the USA, where a different entity owns the brand and distribution rights. One hectolitre = 100 litres or 3,350,084 kegs , of course.

In 2009 AB decided to close the brewery, making available to developers ten-acres of prime London riverside property . The local council agreed to condos before consulting the community but then the people mobilised : Emergency town-hall meetings. Pep rallies.  Bake sales. Next came the expensive consultant planners. Finally, in 2011, after stirring the pot, AB announced that they would remain in Mortlake until 2014 “given the very strong performance of Budweiser in the UK." When a recession hits, the Brits drink beer.

While investigating the capacity of a steel fermentation vessel, I stumble upon Zhongde Equipment Co., ltd, whose website helpfully informs me : "Our large and medium sized brewery equipments are turnkey projects , which solve your troubles . They are made from the material stainless steel or carbon steel , with the output capacity from 10,000 tons per year to 200,000 tons per year . They can satisfy the drinking demand of a big city or a small province or state ."