Friday, February 10

On Ratios

Sonnet: "So what are you doing in maths, anyway?"
Madeleine: "Um, stuff."
Sonnet: "Can you tell me a little more?"
Madeleine: "It begins with an 'r'"
Sonnet: "Rounding?"
Madeleine: "No, that's not it. It's rr . rrr - ratio! We're doing ratios."
Sonnet: "Can you explain that to me then?"
Madeleine: "Well imagine you have a chicken."
Madeleine: "And there is another chicken. And one chicken has five eggs. No, four. And the other has four eggs."
Sonnet: "Yes?"
Madeleine: "And there are like two chickens for, um, eight eggs. That is a ratio."
Sonnet: "Well done."
Madeleine: "And if you have, like, two hands and ten fingers that is , um, two to ten."
Me: "Makes sense to me."
Sonnet: "Well done, Madeleine."