Sunday, February 5

The Grinch

Sonnet takes Eitan to a swimming gala while Madeleine and I to the park, pictured, she begging me for a snowball fight or a snowman (I decline). Yes, I am grumpy from last week's surgery and last night's party-cocktails+the early rise does not help ( though I did enjoy watching late night tele with Sonnet, eating eggs, and watching the snow fall).  Rusty in on the action, and I almost knock a guy's block off when he hits the dog, who is otherwise playing with the dude's pooch. Only I can hit Rusty

I ask Madeleine to write a three-page story and, after some mild protestations, she produces : "The Greek Who Stole Christmas."  Does she mean Grinch? "No, Dad, it's about a Greek."  And, I think, perhaps she has it right.

At the Surrey County Swimming Championships, Eitan swims the 400-meter freestyle in 5:23 , an 11-second improvement, and the same time as his pal Philippe. Coach says: "I see the next generation of club swimmers here."