Friday, February 24

Grace And Sweetie Pie; Titus Arrives

I drive to Menlo Park with my mom (or should I say: My mom drives me to Menlo Park since I left my drivers license in London ).  This is a nice way to catch each other up and Grace is now retired from the non-profit she founded, The Link To Children, which is in the capable hands of the new executive director.  Grace tells me she enjoys the free time to focus her love on my father and Maggie, the beloved bisson frisee "mix" (Maggie comes from a rescue-home and has a lovely gentle temperament. Irresistible).  Grace also goes to mid-day movies and sleeps later than Moe, who is up per usual at 5AM to work-out with his crew at the Berkeley Y (where he is a Director).  Mom has also become one of the "Ladies That Lunch" which I see at many a fine restaurant in London. As Superior Court judge Mike Ballachey once commented to me: "Old fiends are gold dust." 

In other news, Diane has her first baby which she and Kenny name 'Titus.' Bravo!