Saturday, January 28

Three Amigos

Marcus, Alex and Niki.

At the dinner table.
Me: "What did you watch in 'film club' this week?"
Madeleine: "Guess."
Me: "The Bride of Dracula? Godzilla? War Of The Planets?"
Madeleine: "Nope. 'An American In Paris.'"
Sonnet: "I love that movie. It is a classic."
Madeleine: "Accept that there is a lot of snogging."
Eitan: "Why do they have to always do that?"
Me: "Snogging? What's wrong with snogging?"
Eitan: "I am not having this conversation."
Me: "Is it Ok if I 'snog' your mom?"
Eitan, Madeleine: "No!"
Me: "What's wrong with that?"
Madeleine: "Do you even know what snogging is Dad?"
Me: "Um, kissing, isn't it?"
Madeleine: "Not just kissing."
Me: "Oh?"
Madeleine: "It's like long kissing."
 Me: "With tongue and stuff?"
Eitan: "La la la."

Walking to drama class.
Me: "So are there any 'snoggers' in Year Five?"
Madeleine: "No."
Me: "How about Year Six?"
Madeleine: "Huggers, not snoggers."
Me: "What, do they hug behind the bungalows?"
Madeleine: "No, in the middle of the play ground."
Me: "Who is it then?"
Madeleine: "I am only saying in general."
Me: "Were you, like, watching and taking notes?"
Madeleine: "I am not 'Harriet The Spy' Dad."
Madeleine: "Though I would be pretty good at spying if I wanted to."
Me: "I bet."