Friday, October 14

Harvest Time

We attend the school "Harvest Assembly" where the kids belt out "Conkers, I'm Collecting Conkers" , "Carry The Corn" and "If I Were A Seed" which, even Eitan and Madeleine admit, they hate.  Still, the sun shining bright and every body in a fine mood. The parents gossip, the teachers run around with a bounce in their step , and the children troop in the school auditorium, well behaved, hands in pockets and, mostly, disheveled. By chance, Madeleine two feet from me and Sonnet so I distract her and she rolls her eyes. Eitan actually blushes when he sees us.  Eitan's former teacher, Mrs. Q, leads the Year 3s in "Feeling Groovy" by Simon and Garfunkel so I lean into Sonnet to make a snide remark to find her in tears.  Yes, our child-raising years more than half gone.