Thursday, August 11

Blue Lake

We hike into Sneffel Wilderness while our trail takes us to the first of three Blue Lakes : this one 10,980 feet. The lake unnatural blue , filled by a stream from the towering Mt Sneffels, which has some scant snow. The water freezing cold - I last a few moments before too painful - while Eitan does a full-on cannonball then scrambles out, Dear Reader, in something near shock.

"Mount Sneffels is a fourteen thousand foot mountain peak located in the Mount Sneffels Wilderness of the northern San Juan Mountains, about 5 miles west of Ouray. The mountain named after the volcano Snæfell, which is located on the tip of the Snæfellsnes peninsula in Iceland. That mountain and its glacier, Snæfellsjökull, which caps the crater like a convex lens, were featured in the Jules Verne novel A Journey to the Center of the Earth. An area on the western flank of Mount Sneffels gives the appearance of volcanic crater. Seen from the Dallas Divide on State Highway 62, Mount Sneffels is one of the most photographed mountains in Colorado."


Madeleine: "Can we get a Gecko, Dad? Can we? Can we? When can we get a gecko? Will it go on the plane? I know, I will buy the cage and you can buy me the gecko."
Me: "What does a gecko eat?"
Madeleine: "Crickets."
Me: "Where will we keep crickets?"
Madeleine: "The garage. We can keep them there."
Me: "No, way. Your mom won't go for that."
Madeleine: "And if we feed him crickets we would have to take off every one of his last legs."
Madeleine: "So the ghecko can catch him."
Me: "Crickets: Out."
Madeleine: "Ok. We can feed him meal worms and wax worms as a treat. You keep those in the refrigerator."
Me: "Sonnet: Are you on board with this?"
Sonnet: "Is there a choice?"