Monday, July 4

Thirty 10

Since Natalie looks, like, 30 I think it Ok to mention her age. In the title. Hope so.

Sonnet and I surrounded by Natalie and Justin's friends who are managers, photographers, investors, athletes, bankers and bon vivants from around the world. 26 children keep us on our toes and while Eitan may be the oldest the real Pied Piper is Justin, who everybody turns to for leadership since, well, he is the former CEO of a major European food services company. His natural abilities get us up and down the mountain sans problem though I do fall over the front wheel of my mountain bike on an off-road blue-trail and glad not to break some bone including my neck. Happily Edwin sees it all go down so my bragging backed up by a credible eye witness though it does limit my story to what actually happened.

Madeleine driving up the windy road to Verbier: "Imagine if these tires had no grip."

Madeleine: "There's a golf course here."
Me: "Yeah?"
Madeleine: "It's not a very good place for a golf course."
Me: "Why's that?"
Madeleine: "If you hit the ball and it goes too far it will fall all the way down the mountain."
Me: "Good point."
Eitan: "It's not a good place to play basketball either."

Madeleine: "Can I go swimming?"
Me: "Are there any adults at the pool?"
Madeleine: "I don't know."
Me: "Then no."
Madeleine: "See? That's what I mean. You are not a proper dad."