Saturday, July 16

Cloudy Richmond

Eitan and Sonnet do an aquathalon (500 m swim and 2 km run) and Eitan set to win his age-group until he takes a wrong turn. He is crushed afterwards. Meanwhile Madeleine and I go for a walk in Richmond Park. Now it rains and everybody in the kitchen and I build the Mercury Redstone Ant-scale model rocket and Madeleine does her homework:
Madeleine: "How many five centimeter lengths can I make from a 40 centimeter rope?"
Me: "How many times does five go into 40?"
Madeleine: "Why couldn't they just say that?"

Madeleine: "Is 87 cm tall or not?"
Me: "It is all relative."
Madeleine: "What does that mean?"
Me: "If it was an 87 cm lizard, that would be pretty tall. Or long anyway. If it was an 87 cm house, that would be pretty small."
Madeleine: "Can you please stop the logic, Dad?"

Madeleine: "Here's a quiz, Mom. What is 200 divided by 25?"
Sonnet: "Madeleine do your homework please."