Wednesday, June 8


The dog worth his weight in middle-age therapy sessions.

Sonnet away to Boston, leaving this morning, where she will speak at a conference.

We walk the dog after dinner.
Me: "Come on, Madeleine, I am tired of asking you to walk Rusty."
Madeleine: "Can I get an ice cream at the ice cream truck?"
Me: "Sure!"
Madeleine: "Really?! Wow, Dad, that is so nice!"
Me: "In fact, why not two?"
Madeleine: "Are you serious? Really? You have never done anything like that before!"
Me: "Pssst. Three!"
Madeleine: "The ice cream truck isn't even there, is it Dad?"
Me: "Well, let's go find out. Now get the leash."

Madeleine grapples with relativity.
Me: "There's Jenny."
Madeleine: "Who's that?"
Me: "Jenny. She used to be Jackson's nanny - you know her."
Madeleine: "Well, that was like two years ago."
Me: "Yeah, so?"
Madeleine: "Well, for you that is like nothing but for me, it is almost my whole life."
Me: "What's your point?"
Madeleine: "I don't know."