Wednesday, June 29

Ben & Jonah

I share a private moment with Ben and Jonah before Eric and Simona's wedding. Jonah plays the ukulele.

Eitan's teacher, along with 220,000 other teachers in the UK, will strike tomorrow over pensions.
Eitan: "I am going to see Transformers 3. With Joe and Cyrus."
Madeleine: "What?! That is so unfair!"
Me: "And why are we doing this, may I ask?"
Eitan: "No school, Dad. It is a holiday."
Me: "It is not a holiday. It is a strike."
Madeleine: "Eitan gets to do everything."
Eitan: "I am going to sleep in."
Me: "No, you are not. We agreed that tomorrow is a work day so you are going to work."
Eitan: "What!?"
Me: "Story. Five pages. Before Transformers."
Eitan: "That is so unfair."
Madeleine: "Does he have to do front and back of the page?"
Me: "Before the movie. Or I will call it off."
Madeleine: "Make sure he writes normal, Dad, and no big letters."
Me: "Madeleine you let me worry about this. Do we have a deal or not?"
Eitan, grumbling: "Okay."