Saturday, May 7

Burford OX18

Since Friday, Dave and I meet in Oxfordshire for a ramble through the Cotswalds.

"Burford's history began in the middle Saxon period with the founding of a village near the site of the modern priory building. This settlement continued in use until just after the Norman conquest when the new town of Burford was built. On the site of the old village a hospital was founded which remained open until the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII. The modern priory building was constructed some 40 years later around 1580. In 1649, the church was used as a prison (during the English Civil War), when the New Model Army Banbury mutineers were held there. Some of the 340 prisoners left carvings and graffiti, which can still be found in the church. Between the 14th century and the 17th century Burford was important for its wool. The Tolsey, midway along Burford's High Street, was once the centre of the local wool trade, and is now a museum. " (Wiki)