Saturday, April 16

V&A Chandelier

I take this pic awaiting Sonnet. The V&A's Rotunda, or main entrance, home of the wonderful, 30ft high, blown glass chandelier by Dale Chihuly. After the original dome of the rotunda was reinforced, the chandelier installed in 2000 as the first stage of the V&A's modernisation and redevelopment.

Dale with us last night for dinner. Hard to believe that he and his family left London for TX six years ago and while we email often, this is our first re-union since 2006.
Eitan and I sit around watching videos on Youtube while Sonnet and Madeleine doing some errands and the mutt sleeps after a long walk in Richmond Park. The weather, which started off so promising, now overcast but at least it is warm - and the sun sets in the late evening. London has emptied for the Spring Easter holidays and the traffic, by my imperfect guess, down 10% which makes driving into town a joy. I wouldn't say it's lazy but close.

Eitan, dismissing my entire generation: "Madonna. Uh."