Saturday, April 16

Shard Of Glass

Renzo Piano's "Shard of Glass" at London Bridge will be, when completed in 2012, the tallest building in Europe and the 45th tallest building in the world. It is the second tallest free-standing structure in the UK after the 1,084 ft (330.4m) Emley Moor transmitting station. The building in all its various stages and seen by millions daily, will soon be a fading memory once the project finished.

(From wiki) In February 2009, a mobile crane and a small piling rig appeared on site.
In early March 2009, the small crane began putting steel beams into the ground, as part of preparations for the core of the building. Full construction began on 16 March 2009, with the first piling rig on site. Demolition work on the New London Bridge House started in May 2009.
The latter is an adjacent project to accompany the Shard London Bridge. The first steel work went into the piles on 27 April.
Five cranes are to be used to build the project, with four of them 'jumping' with the tower as it rises. Crane 1 was erected on 20 September and crane 2 was erected at the beginning of October.
By 20 October 2009, steel beams began appearing on site, with concrete being poured at the northern part of the site, ready for Crane 3.
By March 2010, the concrete core was rising steadily at approximately 3 metres a day.
After a pause in March–April 2010, it continued rising, reaching approximately the 33rd floor in mid-June, almost level with the top of Guy's Hospital, which stands at 143 m. The first glass panel was installed on 25 May 2010. On 27 July 2010 the core stopped rising as it had reached level 38 and needed to be reconfigured.
By mid-November 2010, the third core had reached level 68 (approx 235 m) with steel reaching level 40 and cladding enveloping a third of the building. In late November, it passed the 235 metres (771 ft) mark, relieving One Canada Square in Canary Wharf of its 18-year reign as Britain's tallest building.
The concrete core has now topped out at level 72, standing at 245 metres (804 ft).
The early part of January 2011 saw the installation of hydraulic screens. These are used to form the concrete floors that are needed for the hotel and apartment section of the tower. These will rise with the floors up to level 69. On 25 January 2011 the concrete pumps began pouring the first concrete floor at level 41.By the end of February 2011 the concrete floors had risen to level 46 with a floor being poured on average every week. The cladding has also progressed mainly on the towers "backpack" where much of its 15 levels were cladded in a month, the cladding on the main tower though had slowed due to the concrete floors being poured above.
April 2011 saw steady progress in construction and cladding had enveloped half the buildings exterior . Pouring of the concrete floors had reached level 50 and progression on the towers cladding had picked up pace once again with cladding reaching level 38.