Saturday, April 30

Madeleine Starts A Business

Madeleine, without any suggestion from me or anybody, thinks up "Dream Clean", a gardening service, pictured. She sets out to canvas the neighborhood so I join to make sure everything Ok; her pitch perfect : "Hello, I am Madeleine. Me and my friend, Billy, have started a new business, 'Dream Clean.' We rake all the leaves, pull weeds, sweep, clip and tidy up. It is six pounds." Within an hour she has 2 and half customers and I throw in our house so she adds up the maths: "that's £21, Dad!" Eitan sniffs an opportunity and asks to join the business but Madeleine demures - as she should. Her idea, her effort. Why share ?

This morning Madeleine and I march down the block to No 22 with two rakes, a broom, some clippers, one saw and a bunch of green refuse bags. I am quality control. Mr X's front yard requires a half-day's work - more than the business plan anticipated - but we have a good time hacking through bushes and pulling weeds. By afternoon we are nearly done so Madeleine asks for the final check and gets a "thumbs up". I walk out-of-sight so she and her customer can complete their business. Madeleine returns with 15 quid - a fortune. She remains poker faced until 20 yards from the house then lets out a giant "Whoopie!" The kid is in business.