Saturday, December 18

Palewell Common Sunrise

I drive Aggie to the bus station, 6:30AM. She is going home .. to Poland .. by bus. 30 hours. This saves our gal some money and may end up being the smart route : London walloped by a storm that dumps a foot or more of snow by noon time and closes all the airports and cancels Eitan's football. Mom and dad arriving tomorrow so we keep our fingers crossed. Driving home, with the trusty springer spaniel in the back, I stop at our common for some exercise, me and the dog, and pay witness to a glorious sunrise. It is deathly cold so we stay for 20 minutes but well worth the detour.

Eitan: "People in Italy smoke a lot, don't they?"
Me: "I suppose. You should see the French."
Eitan: "And the Chinese. Don't they smoke a lot?"
Me: "Yes, more than 50% of their population."
Eitan: "In Australia, 300 people smoke."
Me: "That many?"
Eitan: "Yes. I read that on the Internet."
Me: "I bet you did."