Thursday, December 23

Merry Cheer

Madeleine and I have a special afternoon at The Old Vic where we see a decidedly adult play "A Flea In Her Ear." I was supposed to be with my mother but the airports closed so Moe and Grace expected tomorrow, inshallah. The play's innuendos fly fast over Madeleine's head ("Dad, what are they supposed to be doing in that room?"; "Dad, why is she wearing hand cuffs?") she is into the excitement of live performance and this very different than Peter Pan, which she saw with Aggie last week, and starred "The Hoff" as Captain Hook. Woah. After A Flea, we walk across the street to the book store and spend a few bob on gifts then Waterloo station and home on the train. London lit up like a Christmas Tree and glows with holiday cheer.

Madeleine: "Do you think it was better or worse to live in the olden times?"
Me: "I think it was probably the same with a few big differences."
Madeleine: "Like going to America. That would take ages!"
Me: "And medicine. If you were born a hundred years ago you would have feared things like polio. Or imagine the plague."
Madeleine: "In Tudor times, they slit the women open when she was having a baby. They rarely had a chance."
Me: "That sounds ghastly."
Madeleine: "They did that to save the baby. But mostly both of them died."
Madeleine: "I'm glad I wasn't born during the Tudor times."
Me: "Me too."

Eitan, quizzically: "Dad, would you rather eat a cow pat or compost?"