Sunday, September 26

Windsor Half Marathon

Sonnet runs the Windsor Half Marathon finishing in one-hour and forty-six minutes or six minutes faster than her best time, which she set in 2008 while preparing for the London Marathon. Her goal today was 1:50 so she is pretty pleased with the outcome. The kids and I remain in the neighborhood as Eitan has a football game (KPR lose to the Whitton Wanderers, 2-nil) and Madeleine chores and homework. Also the Shakespeares need some down time - they are working hard.

Me: "What was your homework this week end?"
Madeleine: "We are doing math sentences."
Me: "What's that?"
Madeleine: "It is when you say something that has maths in it."
Me: "Give me an example."
Madeleine: "Ok, um, the sun has 100 Cokes and, say, the moon has 150 Pepsis .. "
Me: "Yes?"
Madeleine: "How many are there?"
Me: "250 .. "
Madeleine: "Right! It could have been Cokes and Fantas or something though."

Madeleine: "Are we really going to get a dog that week end?"
Me: "We'll see. I have to check my calender."
Madeleine: "Calender .. My calender is free."