Friday, September 3

London Facing East

Here we are, Friday again, and back in the saddle. I think. I take this photo from Penguin House, a beautiful art-deco building on the Strand - that is Waterloo Bridge before us connecting Blackfriars and the Southbank Center and Waterloo Station (the bridge built in 1942 using mostly female labour as most of the men fighting in the war). Beyond W'loo twinkling in the distance are the sky-scrapers of The City, London's historical financial district.

We make pizza for dinner - Madeleine's favorite - and Eitan and I now watch England play Bulgaria in a European Cup Qualifier. My mind is not really in it. England up 1-nil. College football starts tomorrow and while I have no hope for the Bears I am looking forward to the season. At least we don't have unrealistic expectations this year. Make that 2-0, both goals by Jermaine Defoe.

Eitan: "Mom! Mom Look!"
Sonnet: "What is it?"
Eitan: "I Have a seriously wobbly tooth."

Update: England defeats Bulgaria four-nil with Jermaine Defoe scoring a hat-trick. Why couldn't we do this in June?!