Sunday, September 19

Handy Man

I have a surprisingly good time painting the door frame which requires caulking, filling and sanding out the imperfections then priming and, finally .. painting.

Eitan studies the Victorian era: "Do you know what they called kids who did not have a good education?"
Eitan: "Dunces. And they had to wear a pointy hat and stand against the wall with one leg up."
Me: "Your teacher told you that?"
Eitan: "Yes."
Me: "Did you learn anything important?"
Eitan: "Queen Victoria died at 81, and Albert at 40. They named mom's museum after Victoria and Albert."

Me: "What are you thinking about?"
Madeleine: "A dog."
Me: "How about now?"
Madeleine: "Dog."
Me: "Now?"
Madeleine: "Dog."

Sonnet: "Madeleine, don't interrupt."
Madeleine: "I just want to explain something about a dog."
Madeleine: "You don't want to feed a dog dog-food from a can. It doesn't taste good."
Eitan sniggers.
Madeleine: "It doesn't taste good for the dog. Plus it is not good for their teeth."
Me: "Dogs on your mind Madeleine?"