Sunday, March 28

Sunday Park

Sonnet off to South Kensington to meet Rana on her return from Copenhagen and before she flies to New York. Since finally we have some warm-ish weather, the Shakespeares and I head for Richmond Park (Madeleine armed w/ bread for the ducks). Eitan says smoking should be banned, which leads into a conversation about personal choice: should we stop at smoking? He ponders this and notes certain things - like smoking and fighting - should be stopped as "only stupid people do them." I ask how we decide who is stupid? Eitan: "if they smoke and fight" (I walk into this one). I introduce Marx and communism and Eitan listens politely before moving adroitly off the subject.

The kids discover someone's tree-fort:
Madeleine: "I wouldn't mind living here forever."
Eitan: "You might not mind, but times would be tough."
Madeleine: "Especially when it rains."
Me: "Go for it. I'll stop by tomorrow morning with some cereal."
Madeleine: "You're joking, Dad."