Wednesday, January 6

Thames Mortlake

The Thames at Mortlake and how gloomy it is. I bike here before work to take this photo. As we can see, the tide is out - otherwise the water rises to the toepath or the height of the small peer. The daily volumes unimaginable unless seen. Mortlake otherwise not to be trifled with - the blue collar village appears in the Domesday Book, and the manor belonged to the Archbishop of Cantebury until Henry VIII, when it passed to the Crown. From the early 17th century until after the civil wars, Mortlake celebrated for its tapestry, founded during the reign of James I/VI. Sir Richard Burton buried here.

The local Stag Brewery (now owned by InBev) and just off this photo has been making making beer for 600 years but now, sadly, closing in December 2010. This does present a unique opportunity and one would think our dear Richmond council would at least open the floor for various considerations of the space. It will soon be London's biggest development, after all, and it might be nice to have a few ball parks or river access before the condos go up. Our MP, Sue Kramer, tuning into this issue and slowly the contractors grip loosens. I am not hopeful though maybe Prince Charles will get involved. He loves a good architectural bashing.

This is also where the Oxford-Cambridge boat race ends.