Sunday, November 8

Fawsky And Mancroft II

Madeleine and hamster Fawksy - pictured.  She saves her pennies to buy Habitrail extensions.  Approaching 24 hours and the thing has not escaped.

Eitan's KPR plays the Mancroft 'A' team - recall, the Mancroft's Bs handed KPR their first loss of the season last week end, 2-1.  Sonnet wants to see the lads in action and attends her first game, which turns out to be a drama-filled cracker.  Today a 'tournement' and the winner advances to the quarter-finals.  Mancroft goes up 1-nil and Eitan scores the equaliser, again, this time on a left-footed shot which even he is pleased with.  Following two overages of five-minutes each - the dreaded penalty kicks.  Unlucky me to miss the most exciting match of the season.  Our boys triumph in PKs reaching a three goal difference first. Phew!