Thursday, August 27

Trafalgar Sq

Trafalgar Square and that is Lord Nelson on top of his column, with St Martin's-in-the-field the pointy cathedral in the back. The English National Opera the smaller column with an orb on top and to the left the National Gallery. Canada House to the left again and the Strand to my right. No doubt a lot going on here, arguably London's pumping heart and most famous square in the world (though New Yorkers might disagree). 

Here commemorates the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar when the British navy whipped the French in the Napoleonic Wars (hence Nelson stands tall). Trafalgar a traditional gathering place for the Big Events like New Years or to celebrate Britain's Olympic athletes. Once this was a proper circus and traffic cut across the top of the square before the National Gallery. Thank goodness mayor Ken Livingstone put a stop to that, closing the bridal way allowing visitors to stream out of the museum, down the stairs and to the fountains and open space filled with pigeons which tourist love to photograph, including us when we visited in 1981. God knows why.  Eventually following Ken's lead we may see grand promenades, like Paris, connecting here to Regent's Park but I don't see how given London's traffic. We pedestrians should be grateful for every little we get. Behind me but out of the shot is the famous Mall which heads straight to Buckingham Palace.

"Gentlemen, when the enemy is committed to a mistake we must not interrupt him too soon."
-- Lord Nelson