Sunday, August 23


Here is Justin surrounded by it all. He and his family return from August holidays in Corsica, which sounds amazing - certainly more interesting then staying in London but I am not complaining. This a great city and here we are together in Richmond Park on a beautiful late summer's day. Justin et al are bronzed and fit, re-charged for the fall semester which is one of those amazing things about this country: we go to work from September. The weather chills, clocks set back and days short.. and productivity increases in a huge way. While I cannot find data supporting this observation, I see it around me from school to private equity (up) to year end accounting (up up). This contrasts with the states where there is a general even spread across the year, with dips around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Two weeks vacation on average does that - grind, grind, grind.

This morning's yard sale goes off at 9AM sharp and by 10:30AM, or about when I am returning from my long-run (groan) nothing has been shifted. Madeleine puts a hard sell on me and I purchase glass that snows when you shake it. Inside, a mermaid, which I tell Madeleine reminds me of her; says she: "give me my 50p please." In the end, their sales seven pounds and since they sell household junk, the profit equal to the sales. They no dummies, these kids of mine. Most purchasers are neighbors who are intrigued by, or feel sorry for, our Shakepeares. I am happy to see the interactions which are a reward as good as money.

Me: "In one word, describe life."
Eitan: "Health? Sport. Brains."
Madeleine: "Family. Love. Food."
Me: "That's it? Anything else?
Eitan: "No."
Me: "How about ice cream? But that's two words."
Everybody cracks up.